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Association for the Rehabilitation of the Hearing-impaired (HARKE)

“Help yourself and others will help as well”. Our association wishes to act according to this saying to provide help for the hearing-impaired (deaf and hard of hearing) people so that they will be able to take their fate in their own hands.

The members of our association are a living example providing emotional support for accepting the unchangeable. The self-help group tries to dissolve the isolation of the hearing disabled and thus foregoing the formation of depression. Moral and psychological help is given. Several events are organized to prevent loneliness.

Our intention is to totally integrate the hearing-disabled into our society as a private individual living a full life, and as a taxpayer, employee and professional.

Our regulation includes our goals and public benefit activities. In order to fulfil these goals and realize the activities we constantly search for available tenders and compete for them.

Some of our goals include the introduction, familiarization and establishment of the audio therapy already known in Western European countries, the introduction of stenographic transcription as a profession, and dissemination of information for the hearing impaired struggling with various communication problems. Another aim of ours is that the education system for hearing disabled should provide opportunities for students to acquire the behavioural forms of people living full life. We also wish to contact organizations for people hard of hearing and the deaf operating successfully in foreign countries, so that we might get into their operational system and try to use their solutions of problems we are facing as well.

Our achievements:

As the first important activitiy of our establishment we have launched our informative website at www.harke.hu.

On December 14th, 2003, we held an introductory event, at which we gave publicity to the ‘stenographic transcription service’ for the first time in our country. Since that we have been regularly provided with this service by volunteers at each of our program.

What could help the social integration of those having suddenly lost their hearing or those having lived with hearing loss since their childhood?

What could be given to a person having lost his/her as an adult so that he/she could feeling valuable and not lose his/her self-esteem, self respect and the faith in humanity?

If the hearing disabled person attends small, personalized group sessions, then we will be able to prevent him/her from becoming a psychosocial case. We will provide help for him/her so that he/she could cope with the struggle for financial survival.

Our other programs:

A communication training was organized by HARKE for the hearing disabled in the autumn of 2004. Small group sessions took place, led by a renowned specialist in surdopedagogy, a speech therapist, a psychologist, a doctor and a lawyer. The aim of the training was to show the hearing impaired how to cope with their state after the hearing loss. The expenses of the training planned for twenty weeks covered by the money we won at the tender published by the Public Services Development of the Ministry for Home Affairs.

Regular use of the ‘Magic box’, which is a speech corrector software, at the assigned times of customer service in Budapest and in the countryside. This was sponsored by the Budapest Opportunity Foundation (Fővárosi Esély Alalp).


HARKE claims, as this was the personal experience of several HARKE members that at a young age speech development can be obtained by both deaf children and children hard of hearing when professional outside help is given. This is also true for those having suffered loss at the adolescent age.

What are our plans for the next period of 1-2 years?

The establishment of a complex help agency, where using the previous experiences of our association and the individual members, information could be given to both hearing impaired and adults. Such are information about experience with hearing aids, introducing different techniques for job hunting by specialists etc.

IT-mentor, IT sector as the employer http://english.ivsz.hu/engine.aspx?page=projects_itmentor



We cooperate with already existing organizations that support the rigghts of the hearing disabled and receive no assigned state funds. All of them have valuable experiences and were established to help groups with special problems. Such groups are "Szülők a Hallássérült Gyermekekért Alapítvány" http://hallokasok.hu/  (unofficial translation: Parents for Hearing Disabled Children Foundation), Magyar Hallássérült Zsidó Egyesület (u.t.: Hungarian Jewish Association of the Hearing Disabled), NASIBA Alapítvány (u.t.: NASIBA Foundation), Dr. Török Béla Baráti kör (u.t.: Dr. Török Béla and Friends) , Beszélő Siketekért Alapítvány (u.t.: Foundation for the Speaking Daef). We unit these organizations when we have a common goals and interests and together we try to clearly express our standpoint in our relation with then various authorities, economic sphere and the media. For our hearing disabled members and independent legal organizations we provide advise about tender application methods and srtuctural organization of the material.

We also cooperate with those special institutions dedicated of the hearing impaired such as School for the Hearing Disabled in Budapest. We have close relations with Korner http://korner.hu/site.php and Jeltolmacsok http://jeltolmacsok.hu/bemutatkozas.html , services for sign language interpreting in order to support those using sign language.

How can we reach our goals?

In order to achieve our goals we need supporters. Our most important supporters are peoples with hearing disability themselves. The meetings, talks with them and our problem solving customer service motivate and help to compose thoughts and ideas needed to enforce our interests.

We need to find funds to cover our operational costs, we are in need of equipment such as computers and we also need regular financial support to be able to carry out our programs and events.

We welcome all who are willing to help including entrepreneurs with mutual interests and profit oriented firms and banks able to invest.

Our data:

On November 13th, 2003, the Association for the Rehabilitation of the Hearing Impaired (Hallássérültek Rehabilitációjáért Küzdők Egyesülete) was registered under Nr. 12.Pk.60957/2003/3. at the Court of Budapest. The association is a public benefit organization. Date of regulation: October 17, 2003.

Tax number: 18181287-1-42

Bank account number HUF: 10300002-20613934-00003285

Donations by individual investors and interprises will be verified according to the applicable laws.

How to reach us:

J     Mecsné Fullajtár Ildikó, Chairman,

J     HARKE Office: 1078 Budapest, Murányi u. 57.

J     Mailing address: 1078 Budapest, Hernád u. 5.

J     Tel: 00-36-1-3513167; mobile SMS: +36303700057

E-mail: ildiko.fullajtar@gmail.com , iroda@harke.hu

Our current supporters:

Head Office for Media and Civil Relations and Equal Opportunity in the Hungarian Ministry of the Interior. Their tender “For public services providing high quality and equal Opportunity” funded the training called Hearing Rehabilitation for Equal Opportunity.

Committee for Minority, Human Rights and Religion at the Budapest General Assembly. The tender of the Equal Opportunity Fund 2004 aimed at ‘Improving speech comprehension of the deaf and severely hearing impaired people’.

Committee for Minority, Human Rights and Religion of the Budapest Social Public Foundation supported the creation of an information booklet.

Parents for Hearing Disabled Children Foundation.

Community Center in Erzsébetváros, Budapest VII. District, Wesselényi Street 17.

Mentor Bookstore 1071 Budapest, Lövölde tér 7.

Our objective is that every individual could be able to freely choose the means for overcoming communication problems. The hearing disabled must be helped to exercise his/her right to choose among lipreading, stenographic transcription, sign language interpreting, helper, or quality improvement of service for relay interpreting, or in a given situation ask for the most appropriate means. HARKE members also participate in the quality process of removing communication obstacles.

We think one should choose the form of education that passes over knowledge best suitable to the individual’s inner needs. We urge that some educational activities applying high quality methodology should be launched and HARKE’s highly qualified members provide personal guidance to this.

Our other aim in the field of employment is that with the help of positive discrimination the hearing disabled person should be provided with an opportunity to qualify for a job suited to his/her knowledge and skills.


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